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My Scene
i missed the muffins
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11th-Jan-2011 01:45 pm(no subject)
Nicole Richie; Phone & Finger
Can anyone tell me what LINE this barbie is from?
please and thankyou :)

Is there anyone on here who owns a perfume party Nia that would be willing to part with her? the perfume party dolls are seen here:


I really only want the doll herself, and maybe the sohes, but to be honest, I'd just settle for the head. The only online listing I found for her was in romania -


but eh. I'm not sure how to nagivate that, or if that would even be a good decision to order that way. So, if you happen to run across her, please let me know!

Thank you for any help!
The My scene website has updated again. Nothing really big, but there are 2 developments of note -

* New group pic of the girls, in a club that Nia's DJ-ing:

* No new shows or anything like that, but there are 3 New Dress-up games on the US site:

-Ultra Glam: http://wyscene.blog.cz/rubrika/ultra-glam
-Boutique Street(!!!!): http://wyscene.blog.cz/rubrika/new-boutique-street
-Street Art: http://wyscene.blog.cz/rubrika/street-art


Leaving only 'Un-furgettable' featuring the old art style and Nolee on the games section.

And NO updates to the Dutch one! we're officially ahead of them!!! Please, oh PLEASE import the Boutique Streets stateside Mattel, so I can finally have my Nia! I'm excited and this makes me think/hope the Girls are coming back to the states more than ever. I want to buy them and would be super pleased to get a Boutique Street Nia and Rockin' Awards Delancey of my own!!!

My Scene fighting!!
18th-Aug-2009 10:50 am - New Photos - Lots of Looks dolls
from the Wy Scene blog, new photos of the LoL dolls in box -


Hmm, so the tops are indeed snap-on, but the bottoms are cloth. (you can see it best on the shorts Nia is wearing, and the mannequins of Chelsea's outfits) I'm interested in how the shoes work as well. but OMFG! SO MUCH WANTING OF NIA!. I must find a way to get her!
8th-Jul-2009 05:15 pm - Lots of Looks dolls
scanned from Barbie 2009 catalog

pics behind the cutCollapse )
18th-Jun-2009 12:57 pm - NEW MYSCENE LINE I FOUND!

 Kennedy                         Chelsea                          Madison

There so pretty,when i found them i thought they were like a rockin awards and hollywood bling mixed.Mads outfit look so uniqe,i never seen anything like it.Maybe there's a Delancey,maybe there's a Nia.

Go to myscene hangout to see more fall collections.

1st-Jun-2009 09:51 am - switching the heads?
Earlier this month, I purchased Swappin Styles Nolee from ebay and while I like one of the heads, I'm considering selling the other two, and would like to use the switchable body to do so. How can I switch the doll head onto a regular Nolee body? I seem to remember a picture instructional guide on the subject.
23rd-Mar-2009 03:15 pm - US site updates

Shopping Spree US now has the game for Rockin' Awards - http://wyscene.blog.cz/rubriky/rock-awards

come on back my scenes! but not before fall, please!
Site updates, from dutch & american homes -

*Both the Dutch & American sites have a new pic of the girls out on the town.


L to R, fashions -

- Delancey in her Golden Bling Dress http://wyscene.blog.cz/0805/golden-bling
- Kennedy in her Rock awards dress http://wyscene.blog.cz/0712/rockin-awards
- Nia in ? (I recognize it, but I'm not sure from where)
- Chelsea in ? (same as nia. I swear, I know it from somewhere!)
- Madison in her Bling Bling Dress

*2 new dress up games - Splashy chic at both sites, Rock awards at the dutch site



Yay! This can't be for nothing at all
8th-Mar-2009 03:22 pm - Identify Me Please
Purple Heart Book

Can someone please tell me who these My Scene are? They arrived in the condition they are in and I'm thinking of restoring a couple of them but in order to do that. I need to know which ones they are. :)

thanks for any help


Chealsa?, Masquerade Madness Kenzie, Nolee?, Heartbreakers Barbie, Shopping Spree Noelle, Barbie/Kennedy?, Delancy?

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